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19 January 2022
We conciliate the handling of pollutant products with the protection of the Environment

Inaugurated on 2nd October, 1988 with the primary objective of providing fuel and maintenance and engineering services, in industrial establishments, whilst its statutes and vocation also include business services, Atlântida Serviços (AS) – Sociedade de Prestação de Serviços Técnicos e Comerciais, Lda. (Company for the Provision of Business and Technical Services, Ltd.), is a private limited company, founded by Vasco Pereira da Silva and Maria Helena S. C. S. Pereira da Silva, both Managing Partners  from the start.
With the decision to downsize of the company that formerly owned the Fuel Terminal at Nordela, in Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, in the Autonomous Region of the Azores, namely the now extinct Mobil Oil, the idea to set up Atlântida Serviços arose, combined with the recognized know-how of the engineer Vasco Pereira da Silva, who had been Manager of the Delegation for the Petroleum Company in the Azores since September, 1983.
The company's core business has always been the Running and Maintenance of the Nordela Fuel Terminal.
In 2002 the company added fuel transportation to its activities.
In 2003 it began to market lubricants and fuel to supply shipping vessels.
From the start, the company has developed alternative activities outside the scope of the fuel industry.
The safety of operations, which has always been a key component of the activity of AS, and later the development of a certified Quality System, resulting in ISO 9002 certification in 1994 (Petroleum System of the Terminal), which was at that time a pioneer Certification in the area of fuels for both Portugal and the region of the Azores, represent important milestones in the history of Atlântida Serviços.
Today the company culture is recognized, which has added to the practices of promoting safety and guaranteeing quality, the enhancement of human resources - teamwork, recognition of merit, training and support, from a broad perspective of social responsibility - care for the Conservation of the Environment,  and with the Ethics present in their human relations and inter-company relations.

Some important steps in the history of the company:

October 1988 - Start of activity
1988 - Fuel Terminal Nordela Operators
1991 / 92 –  Atlântida Mobiliário was established
1992 - 1st AS Team Certification in Industrial Fire-fighting by the National School of Firemen
1997 - 1st qualified AS Team trained in Advanced First Aid by the National School of Firemen
1995 / 00 - International Paint Distributors / Akzo Nobel for the Autonomous Region of the Azores (ARA)
2001 - Marketing of CIN Paints
2002 - Transport of Fuel
2003 - BP Marine Distributors
2004 - Start of reorganization of AS and preparation for Integrated Certification - Quality, Environment, Safety and Social Responsibility / Ethics
2006 - Loss of the Managing Partner Vasco Pereira da Silva
2007 - Adaptation of the company to the new situation brought about by the loss of its main shareholder and business manager, the engineer Vasco Pereira da Silva

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